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December 2010 Releases

Below are the releases from December 2010.  Click the book cover to jump to for more info.

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Hot releases this month from Erick S. Gray, Brenda Jackson, Kimberly Kaye Terry, Vanessa Davis Griggs, Eric Pete, Donna Hill, T. Styles, Electa Rome Parks, Crystal Hubbard, and much much more!

America's Soul

America's Soul by Erick S. Gray

Soul has just finished his 18-month sentence for a parole violation. Still in love with his son’s mother, America, he wants nothing more than for them to become a family and move on from his past. But while Soul was in prison, America's music career started blowing up and she became entangled in a rocky relationship with a new man, Kendall. Kendall is determined to keep his woman by his side, and America finds herself caught in a tug of war between the two men. Soul turns his attention to battling the street life that landed him in jail — setting up a drug program to rid the community of its tortuous meth problem — but will Soul's efforts cross his former best friend, the murderous drug kingpin Omega?
Interview With Love
Interview with Love by Lisa Y. Watson

No nonsense consumer psychologist, Sienna Lambert moderates focus groups to assist her clients with marketing their products to target audiences. Her newest client, Dexter Clothiers has developed state of the art men's undergarments, Best Kept Secrets that become more comfortable the longer they’re worn. Sienna interviews men from all professions and walks of life to get their opinion on the line.

When adrenaline junkie, Vaughn Deveraux meets Sienna he takes her breath away—literally. After a run-in at a client softball outing Sienna assumes Vaughn is one of the new models for Dexter Clothiers. Vaughn tells her he’s the Creative Director at the company advertising the line and jokes that he leaves the modeling in the very capable hands of his younger brother, Pierce, a retired professional football player who’s had a great deal of experience with women asking questions about his briefs.

Though intrigued, Sienna keeps her distance when she finds out he works with her client, but Vaughn’s fun nature and zest for living prove too irresistible to ignore. Sienna’s once calm, predictable life gets turned upside down when Vaughn shows her that sometime’s life is better when you experience it instead of researching it.
Bachelor Unleashed (Kimani Romance)

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Bachelor Unleashed by Brenda Jackson

They had a hot, fleeting affair Farrah Langley has never forgotten. Attorney-to-the-rich-and-famous Xavier Kane was tender, sexy, attentive—and ravished her body. Everything she ever wanted in a lover. Getting together with him again in New York is a fantasy come true. She certainly doesn't expect the footloose bachelor to change his ways. And the burned-by-love mediator isn't looking for forever.
But Xavier is.

There's something about Farrah…something that touches him deep in his soul…something that keeps him coming back. So when fate brings them together again, Xavier's ready to pick up where they left off. But this time around, he wants more. Can he convince the lean, leggy beauty that he's finished playing the field? That he wants only one woman in his bed, in his arms—in his heart?
Flirting with Destiny (Kimani Romance)

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Flirting With Destiny by Celeste O. Norfleet 

Special events planner Jacqueline Murphy's love life is a disaster. Her low point? Being dumped by her fiancé on Friday the thirteenth. So why should her luck change when she accidentally rear-ends the car of her next-door neighbor…who turns out to be her new boss! Tall, dark, irresistibly attractive Greg Armstrong oozes potent masculine charm. Is he just another romantic disaster waiting to happen?

Greg left his career as a high-powered attorney in Washington for the slower, serene pace of Paradise Cove, Arizona. But his stunning new employee has his pulse racing and his hormones in overdrive! Kiss by sensual kiss, Greg's falling under Jacqueline's seductive spell…and starting to believe in fate.
Will flirting with passion lead to falling in love?

Hot to Touch (Kimani Romance)

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Hot To Touch by Kimberly Kaye Terry

Emogene Rawlings isn't afraid to fight fire with fire. But when the feisty photojournalist heads west to tackle her toughest assignment yet, she ignites a blaze that may be too hot to handle. Rugged firefighter Shane Westwood is tall, dark—and dangerous. And he's sending her heart straight into the line of fire….

Shane loves the wide open spaces of Wyoming, loves living a life of risk. And when the petite fireball who's shadowing his every move enflames his deepest desires, the aroused smoke jumper is more than up for the challenge. But is Emogene ready for the most dangerous mission of all? To give in to the passion that's consuming everything in its path—that will brand them heart and soul?
A Scandalous Affair (Arabesque)

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A Scandalous Affair by Donna Hill

Washington, D.C., activist Samantha Montgomery faces the controversy of a lifetime when she agrees to help handsome civil rights attorney Chad Rushmore take on a landmark police-brutality case. Not only does their sudden, fiery attraction endanger the already troubled lawsuit, but it puts Samantha at heartbreaking odds with her attorney sister, Simone. With both family and a cause at stake, Samantha must walk a dangerous line between passion and loyalty, duty and desire…to discover the most fulfilling love of all.

Tempt Me at Midnight (Kimani Romance)

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Tempt Me At Midnight by Maureen Smith

Lexi Austin is living a fantasy. At the stroke of midnight, in the most romantic country in the world, a masked stranger sweeps her into his arms. But when the man turns out to be Quentin Reddick, Lexi's best friend since college, the celebrity chef knows she's in trouble. He may be the most irresistible man on the planet, but the powerhouse attorney is also the world's hardest partying bachelor.

The sensual woman he kissed on New Year's Eve is a world away from the fast-talking tomboy Quentin always thought of as a kid sister. Back home in Atlanta, he plans to show Lexi that he's a one-woman man. As desire reignites—even hotter than before—he'll tempt her with his passion. Seduce her with his love. And together, they'll ring in the new year—and every year—in each other's arms…
Ghetto Girls 5: Tougher Than Dice
Ghetto Girls 5 by Anthony Whyte
In the fifth installment of the popular Ghetto Girls series, Coco suffers an injury that leaves her more helpless than she could have imagined. As she relies on her best friend Deedee for love and support, their relationship grows to another level. But Deedee finds out that her friend needs her even more than she’s letting on when Coco's unsupportive mother puts her health in a precarious position. Meanwhile, Deedee has problems of her own when her uncle is named as a person of interest in a series of murders.

Still Waters (Indigo)

Still Waters - Crystal Rhodes
Bev Cameron is smart, sexy and sophisticated. She is also the mother of singing superstar Darnell Cameron. Bev is a woman who has it all. What she doesn't have, she doesn't need.
Hollywood agent Ray Wilson is a mover and a shaker in Tinseltown. What he wants, he knows how to get - except when it comes to Bev Cameron. Ray has been infatuated with her for years, but she's older than he is and has openly declared her distaste for him. What is a man to do?
It takes murder and intrigue to form a bond between these two powerful personalities, but just when it looks like love will conquer all, a shocking secret is uncovered that threatens to rock both their worlds and tear their lives apart.
Power of the P
Power of the P by James Hendricks

Erotica at its gritty best, Power of the P is the seductive story of an entrepreneur who wields his powerful status in unimaginable — and sometimes unethical — ways. This exotic ride through the underworld of sex and prostitution in the hood explores how sex is leveraged to gain advantage over friends and rivals alike, and how sometimes the white collar world and the streets aren't as different as we thought they were.
Stay The Night

Stay The Night by Chilufiya Safaa
They didn’t believe in love…

Beautiful and brilliant Adana Terrell is a no-nonsense litigator who’s nearly given up on happily ever after. But while on vacation in breathtaking Nairobi, Kenya, she encounters a man who just might change her mind—if only he wasn’t as stubborn as she is…

Until their hearts gave them no choice…

Ruggedly handsome and fabulously wealthy lawyer Kamau Mazrui is facing his own demons—and falling for a headstrong woman is not in his plans. He and Adana lock horns immediately, yet Kamau can hardly resist the stunning woman’s intensity and passion—though he is determined to try…
Burn (Indigo)
Burn by Crystal Hubbard

Cinder Wyatt wants only one thing - a chance to start over. A new life seems possible when she moves across the country to the quiet town of Webster Groves, Missouri. Cinder finds an ally in Giancarlo Piassanti, an ex-Marine turned martial arts instructor whose private lessons teach Cinder more than simply how to defend herself. But just when Cinder thinks she no  longer has to look over her shoulder, her past nightmare returns and threatens her very life.
Feenin' (Wahida Clark Presents Publishing)

Feenin' by Sereniti Hall

Tanisha Hopkins a.k.a. Tiny dreams of living the glamorous life by any means necessary. A bona fide, certified, authentic material girl in every sense of the description, Tiny is Feenin to live life fast and furious and has found the perfect man to make all her dreams a reality. But everything that glitters isn t always gold. Meeting her match, Roscoe proves to be a disaster in the making. A hustler with a dream, a scheme, and his hand in the mix of everything. Tiny quickly learns why many people not only despise Roscoe, but fear him too. As treachery, murder and mayhem collide in this masterfully penned novel, will Tiny learn that Roscoe is a force to be reckoned with before it s too late? Or will she get a shocking wake-up call that has her knocking at death s door?
Bonded By Blood (Wahida Clark Presents)

Bonded By Blood by Cash

From her deathbed, where HIV is choking away her last breaths, Black Girl, an infamous ex-prostitute of Atlanta's Auburn Avenue ho stroll, exacts two promises from her three young teenaged sons, Khalil, B-Man, and Quantavious. She does not try to fool herself that the boys will be anything but hustlers. Hustling is in their blood from both ends, hers and her father's, Rapheal's, who was Black Girl's pimp before drugs knocked them both on their asses and destroyed Rapheal's stable of top-notch hos. In Khalil, Black Girl sees the making of a boss mack, much like his pops. In B-Man, her middle son, she sees a fierce jack boy and a heartless killa. In her baby boy, Q, Black Girl prophesizes a major drug king pin. Together, she knows her sons can rape the game from all angles and put ATL in a chokehold. But to do so, they must never let money, hos, jealousy or envy come between them. They must remain bonded by blood, which she makes them promise at her deathbed. Black Girl also makes them promise to forgive Rapheal, and not hold her demise against him. But some promises are hard to keep, especially when hate, jealousy, and envy run deep. When fast money, dimed up chicks, unspoken grudges and unforgivable violations are tossed into the mix, will a deathbed promise to their mother be enough to stop the bloodshed once it begins? Which brother will remain standing in the end?

Cheaper to Keep Her

Cheaper To Keep Her by Unique
Lynise Carter was just your ordinary bartender at the Magic City strip club until this heavy hitter by the name of Duke Carrington walked in one night and swept her off her feet. He was known around town as a big time gambler and loan shark. The forty-something year old sugar daddy was also known to spare no expense when he had the right woman in his company, which made him the man of her dreams. Over the course of a few months, Duke became infatuated with Lynise and asked her to quit her job and move into one of the condos he owed. "Let me take care of you," he insisted. Lynise wasn't a college graduate but she had street smarts and she learned quickly that Duke was a very charismatic and persuasive man who got what he wanted, no matter the cost. Lynise got everything she want too. And while she was getting used to the red carpet treatment, Duke was making plans to replace her with another chick. Little did he know, Lynise wasn't going to let him go that easy. So, he will find out if it would've been Cheaper to Keep Her.
All The Wrong Moves (Fab Life)

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All The Wrong Moves by Nikki Carter

For one talented girl, reality bites. . .
Sunday Tolliver is gifted, smart, and ready to take the music industry by storm now that she's signed a record deal. All she has to do is survive touring with her diva cousin, Dreya, and she'll finally get a shot at her own R&B dreams. But the tour's mega-bad-boy star, Truth, refuses to believe that Sunday isn't feeling him--and a jealous Dreya is doing everything to make Sunday pay. When filming for a behind-the-tour reality show starts, Sunday's live-and-on-camera humiliation is threatening to derail her chances--and help Dreya cover up stealing her songs. Now Sunday has one last chance to prove herself. And with the spotlight heating up, all bets are off--and this battle is on.
Ray of Hope

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Ray of Hope by Vanessa Davis Griggs

Grandmother Ma Ray, a churchgoing woman with a mysterious past, steers her two reckless granddaughters away from trouble with her smarts, savvy--and the Word of God. . .
Troublesome teen sisters Sahara and Crystal Nichols are acting up, and their risqué behavior is more than their mother Lenora can handle. Enter the girls' 75-year-old churchgoing grandmother, Ma Ray, who agrees to take charge of the young women. She's determined to turn their lives around--and knows more about being a bad girl than either sister bargained for. . . 

Sahara and Crystal don't realize what they're up against when it comes to Ma Ray, but when they learn of their grandmother's former rebel antics, which were wild enough to rival their own, they begin to appreciate her present-day passion for leading a more productive life--via family, love, and faith...
Baltimore Chronicles Volume 2

Baltimore Chronicles Vol. 2 by Treasure Hernandez

From the same author that brought you the Flint series, comes a new town . . . a new drama. Treasure Hernandez is back with her second street series chronicling both sides of Baltimore's black market.
Derek Fuller is the head detective of the Baltimore Narcotics Division. His team has been assigned to take down the biggest drug operation in the city. There's only one problem . . . the head of the operation is his twin brother, Scar Johnson. Separated in Baltimore's foster care system, they came from two different walks of life, but both met at the top on opposite sides of the law. With the Assistant District Attorney in their back pocket, this was a marriage made in heaven—until the drama and deceit enters.

Delve into this treacherous story of love, deceit, lies, and murder. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and once one brother feels betrayed, the only retribution is death.
Taboo 2
Taboo 2: Locked In by Yoshe

Engaged to Assistant Deputy Warden Lamont Simmons, corrections officer Sierra Howell is torn between marrying the man who has been there for her and her son from the beginning, and Rasheed Gordon, former Rikers Island inmate, reformed gangster and the father of her son Messiah.

Delilah by Shelia M. Goss

Thirty-year-old Samson Judges is a prominent pastor of the Peaceful Rest Missionary Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana. His church owns land that real estate mogul William Trusts wants. When Samson refuses to sell, William hires Delilah Baker to find out Samson’s Achilles heel.
Money isn’t Delilah’s only motivation for taking the assignment. After watching Samson every Sunday morning on a local television station, Delilah has fallen in love with him. In her mind, there is only one person standing in her way of getting Samson—his fiancée, Julia Rivers.
Samson is far from innocent. He feels his longstanding relationship with God puts him above reproach. His weakness for one woman, Delilah, threatens to ruin his relationship with Julia, his parents, and his church. When he realizes the length Delilah will go through to get her man, Samson vows to protect his ministry by any means necessary.
Keeper of My Soul
Keeper of My Soul by Keshia Dawn

When she suspects that her husband Keithe, a 40-year-old lawyer, is having an affair, Michelle, who is no stranger to infidelity after having many extramarital liaisons, is ready to fight for what is hers, but discovers that her own betrayals are much deeper than she ever could have imagined.
Piano in the Dark

Piano in the Dark by Eric Pete

Chase Hidalgo has a successful career, a loving wife, and a loyal best friend, but something is still missing. His unfulfilled dreams leave him unsure of his place in the world. Then a chance meeting with a mysterious stranger changes everything.

Ava claims to know Chase, but he has no memory of ever having met her. Still, something about her intrigues him. She seems to know so much about him; she has insight into his deepest feelings and desires, things he’s never even told his wife. He can’t resist this enigmatic woman, and soon the two are involved in a passionate affair.

It isn’t long before Chase starts to wonder just how Ava knows so much about him. What is their true connection? As he searches for answers, his life is coming apart at the seams, and Chase is beginning to wonder if he’s lost his grip on reality. Ava is a woman who will stop at nothing to regain what she believes she’s lost, and if Chase can’t find the right key to unlock this mystery, there could be dire consequences.
The Prada Plan 2

The Prada Plan 2 by Ashley Antoinette

When you’ve been labeled crazy all of your life, it’s easy to commit a murder, and now street fiction’s most infamous bad girl, Leah Richards, holds the fate of an entire family in her hands. After coming in second place to YaYa in the race to win Indie’s affection, Leah decides that enough is enough and kidnaps the loving couple’s baby girl. Playing a deadly game of cat and mouse, she turns their world upside down. They desperately fight to keep their daughter alive, but there is more to her insanity than meets the eye. YaYa’s world is falling apart, and all she wants is to have her daughter back unharmed. After leaving her old lifestyle behind, she thought that she could start anew, but old demons have surfaced, and now she needs to form a Prada Plan more than ever to come out on top. When truths turn out to be lies and revenge is the motive for death, she doesn’t know who to trust or where to turn. Will Leah kill baby Skylar? Will YaYa and Indie live happily ever after? Can Indie keep his reign over Houston without falling victim to the game? What happened to Leah to make her so insane? All of your questions will be answered in this heart-pounding sequel.
True Confessions

True Confessions by Electa Rome Parks

Twenty-eight year old Kennedy Logan is gorgeous, educated, talented, and in love. Unfortunately, Drake Collins has other ideas about the true state of their relationship. Kennedy hopes to turn him around; Drake just wants to turn her out sexually. Kennedy is also searching for her biological mother, who gave her up at birth. She wants answers and she has tons of questions. The enormous weight of these predicaments leads to a failed suicide attempt.

Her overprotective and overbearing mother, Dorothy Logan, moves in with Kennedy and makes it her mission to get her daughter's life back in order. The first step is getting rid of Drake Collins once and for all, but that's easier said than done. Drake has no intentions of going anywhere. Kennedy's ever loyal and fun-loving best friend, Taylor, and her absentee father join forces to help support Kennedy in her time of need.

At her psychiatrist's advice, Kennedy uses writing as her therapy. She starts to keep a daily journal detailing the erotic circumstances and family drama that led up to her despair. Through very personal, funny, and graphic entries, readers will share her confessions. Brace yourselves for a very steamy journey!

Raunchy (The Cartel Publications Presents)

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Raunchy by T. Styles

Neighbors considered seven year old Harmony Phillips, her father Cornell Phillips and her mother Estelle Pointer, to be upstanding citizens in their quiet little estate at Concord Manor. They turned a blind eye to the lavish lifestyle they lived, compliments of Cornell's involvement in the drug trade. When at the tender age of five, Harmony is abruptly taken away from her home by her scorned mother, her world is rocked. Without her father's protection, she doesn't just lose her expensive dolls she also loses any chance of a normal and healthy life.

Many years later, under the mental and physical abuse of her mother, Harmony develops a seething hate toward all women, including herself. She quickly develops into a cold, calculating, young and beautiful woman. What a deadly combination. After crossing the wrong people, Harmony is forced to relocate out of state. Before long, her fast sexual lifestyle causes her to breed kids of her own. Eventually she teaches her children every backbiting trick she knows. And if they go against her, she subjects them to abuse far greater than that she endured by the hands of her mother.

When Harmony discovers that she has inherited Concord Manor, she uproots her children from their new home in Texas, and moves them back to Maryland. Secrets come out within Concord's walls and somehow, her children gain the confidence they'll need to fight for their lives.
Dynasty 2 (DC Bookdiva Presents)
Dynasty 2 by Dutch

The saga continues!

Lipstick Dom (The Cartel Publications Presents)
Lipstick Dom by T. Styles

Lipstick Dom combines the 2005 previously released novel Rainbow Heart and its never before release sequel, Trying to Hide a Rainbow.

FLESH: The Disappearance of Portia Barrington

Also available on
FLESH: The Disappearance of Portia Barrington
by Keith Lee Johnson

Portia Barrington, the precocious fifteen year old daughter of prominent defense attorney, Myles Barrington, has been kidnapped. Portia’s bodyguard, who doubled as her chauffeur, is missing. Myles paid but the kidnappers demand another ransom. When he paid a second time, they ask for a third ransom. What’s going on? Why would kidnappers ask for three ransoms, knowing that each time they collect, they risk being captured by the police, Phoenix Perry wonders, when she’s asked to investigate her first child abduction case. When the kidnappers call again they make it clear that they are getting inside information. They know that Phoenix and her partner Kelly McPherson are running the show. Is the kidnapping a hoax? Did Myles Barrington do something so hideous to his daughter that he had to fake a kidnapping to cover it up? Former president Palmer Davidson, who picked Phoenix to find the murderer of his Supreme Court nominee, Jennifer Taylor, is a personal friend of Myles Barrington. Now Davidson is wielding his considerable influence once again to find the truth. The clock is ticking. After talking to fellow lead agent, Jack Ryan, Phoenix is stunned to learn that the bodyguard works for her husband’s private detective agency. Now Keyth is being investigated too.
In Search of Tennessee Sunshine
In Search of Tennesee Sunshine by Margaret Johnson-Hodge

Nobody asked Erica Lorraine Simpson if it was okay for her husband to die. Not God, not her husband. Nobody. But he did die, leaving Erica alone and widowed at the age of 45. Anger has her now, sprinkled with grief, disbelief and profound sadness. It's the worst part, she thinks. But Erica's wrong. It's not the worst part. The 'worst part' is on its way and it will take her places she never dreamed she'd go. For Erica, the 'worst part' is learning how to keep on living when the one who meant the most to her is gone...
The Robbery Report
The Robbery Report by Glorious

Gerrod Mason, Frank Wilson and Lisa Mathews all have something in common, they re all from a city in New Jersey small in size but big in reputation just off the NJ Turnpike s Exit 9 better known as New Gunswick. Together they contribute to and rep their town s hood monarch to the fullest, giving the streets something to talk about. Gerrod aka G Millions, the charismatic thug and Frank aka Famous, the trend setter, form a bond thicker then blood brothers and make a pact to get it by any means necessary and that s exactly what they do. From the North, to the Mid West down to the Dirty South they show the true meaning behind the old street saying, If you can t make it then take it. Life for the duo was all good but soon gets better after Lisa aka Lady Pink, joins the crew. She becomes the main ingredient missing in the masterpiece the two were chefing up. Equipped with beauty and brains, not to mention loyal and deadly, it becomes evident why Lady Pink is every man s dream and worse nightmare all rolled up in one. Together, the trio and their band of young hungry wolves become the criminal version of the dream team, contributing to the boost in the crime rate where ever they traveled. But like all other families in the underworld, greed and lust emerge leaving two fatal questions? Will they be able to maintain their loyalty and reconcile differences so they can continue to break bread together? Or will they fall victim to the saying there are no honor amongst thieves and become just another statistic?



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