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April 2011 Releases

Below are the releases from April 2011. Click the book cover to jump to for more info.

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Hot releases for April 2011 include titles from Sister Souljah, Ashley JaQuavis, Wahida Clark, Donna Hill, Brenda Jackson, Nikki Turner, Zuri Day, Kimberly Kaye Terry, E.N. Joy, and much much more!

Black Orchid Blues
Blue Orchid Blues by Persia Walker - Apr. 1st

Lanie Price, a 1920s Harlem society columnist, witnesses the brutal nightclub kidnapping of the "Black Orchid," a sultry, seductive singer with a mysterious past. Price, a female 1920s version of Dominick Dunne, soon finds herself elbows-deep in a story in which everyone seems to be either lying or keeping a secret to die for. When hours pass without word from the kidnapper, puzzlement grows as to his motive. Then a gruesome package arrives at Price's doorstep and the questions change. Just what does this kidnapper want--and how many people is he willing to kill in order to get it?

Evil hides behind the genteel façades of affluent Strivers' Row and stalks the ballroom of one of Harlem's most famous gay parties. In a complex plot that keeps you tied to the page, Black Orchid Blues explores the depths of human depravity and the desperation of its victims.
Teen Girls Need L.O.V.E.
Teen Girls Need L.O.V.E. by S. Dodson - Apr. 1st

Teen Girls Need L.O.V.E. is suitable for the straight A student, the troubled teen, and the girl that is looking to be empowered. The goal is to transform our teens into successful women by giving them the tools needed to build their self confidence and self esteem. This book focuses on the hottest topics facing teens such as relationships, self esteem, bullying, the importance of education, and how to set goals. If guidance is what you need, Teen Girls Need L.O.V.E. is here to the rescue!
Black Friday
Black Friday: Exposed by Ashley & JaQuavis - Apr. 5th

All it takes is one murder to change a million lives, and that’s exactly what happens to Kasheef Williams on a cold, black Friday. After a reunion with an old friend goes wrong in a Long Island night club, Kasheef is forced to protect himself by any means necessary. The only problem is that prying eyes see everything. Those eyes belong to Alija Bell. After walking in on a situation she was never meant to see, she runs; but Kasheef sees her face, and he tells her that it’s best for her to get temporary amnesia. Afraid for her life and the safety of her daughter, she keeps her mouth shut—but when a tape of the murder surfaces, the only face that’s visible is Alija’s. Now the police are looking for their eye witness, and Kasheef has to get to Alija before her day comes to testify against him in court. In this dramatic, hood-savvy tale, things aren’t always as they seem. Somebody holds the ticket to the jury’s verdict. Lies and truth collide. Everyone has a different angle, but the only question is, who has the most influence over Kasheef’s fate?   

Heartbreak of a Hustler's Wife: A Novel

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Heartbreak of a Hustler's Wife by Nikki Turner - Apr. 5th
Yarni Taylor is a successful corporate attorney who wants nothing more than for her husband, Des, to renounce his hustlin’ ways and commit to his life as a pastor—especially after someone tries to kill him. But Des isn’t ready to abandon his old habits just yet. He has to find out who is behind the murder attempt, and he wonders if the brazen robbery that took place during one of his church services is related in any way. But before he or Yarni can regain their footing, a young woman shows up on their doorstep—Desember Day, the eighteen-year-old daughter Des never knew he had. And, unfortunately, she takes after her father, so trouble isn’t far behind.

With their lives on the line, Yarni must sacrifice everything and take it out of the office and back to the streets to save her husband and her family from their checkered but intricately connected pasts.
The Strawberry Letter: Real Talk, Real Advice, Because Bitterness Isn't Sexy

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The Strawberry Letter by Shirley Strawberry - April 5th

Listen up, ladies! Shirley Strawberry, co-host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show, delivers more of the no-nonsense woman-to-woman straight talk her listeners have come to love. Shirley tells it like it is—from the heart. Whether the topic is cheating boyfriends, crazy mothers-in-law, job troubles, or money problems, Shirley’s girlfriend-next-door honesty has made the Strawberry Letters segment of the show a huge hit. Now, in this uplifting motivational guide, she brings her vivacious, inspirational, and down-to-earth message to women everywhere: Get up, get out, and be the best you can be!

As a single parent and a woman willing to let Mr. Right find her, Shirley’s been there and done that—and she’s got hard-won lessons to share. In this call to action to help women look at their lives with a candid eye, she tackles the issues her fans want to hear about:

• Love and Relationships: the highs and lows of dating, marriage, and breakups
• Family: the challenges of being a great mom
• Sisterhood: ways to get (and give) the support you need to stay sane
• Self: tips for overcoming low self-esteem and depression, and finding balance, faith, and acceptance

Full of motivating “Strawberry Tips,” personal stories that provide welcome advice on the run, and helpful suggestions for drama-stuck girlfriends, this book offers a simple message of strength: a challenge to love yourself and your life!
Cheaper to Keep Her (part 2)
Cheaper To Keep Her Part 2 by Unique - April 5th
Upcoming sequel to Cheaper to Keep Her by Unique  
Crossing Sisters by Jessica Tilles - April 5th

This upcoming novel is a spin-off of the previously released book "In My Sisters' Corner"
Promise Of Forever Love (2nd Chance V3) (Second Chance at Love)
Promise of Forever Love by Vanessa Miller - April 5th
Ever since the death of her husband almost two years ago, the church that Yvonne Milner pastored with him has been losing members and money–fast. When the board decides to find a new senior pastor, Yvonne determines to hang on to her position and do a better job of shepherding her flock. She's neither ready nor willing to hang up her minister's robe just yet.

Just before a pivotal meeting of the church board, Thomas Reed steps back into her life. The handsome, world–renowned motivational speaker was her husband's best friend, and, as a widower, he knows the pain she's going through. With his help, Yvonne fights to stay in the ministry, trusting that God has great plans yet for the church.

When a threat of a different kind targets the church, as well as her daughter, Yvonne is grateful to have Thomas standing by her side. But when long–buried emotions arise in their friendship for the first time, Yvonne hesitates, not wanting to betray her husband or break her promise to love him forever. Will her passion lie forever buried in the past, or can she let it live again?

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Show Stoppah by Thomas Slater - Apr 5th
Homeless at sixteen, Kimpa fell in love with aspiring writer Brody Ellis. Needing money, Brody becomes a pimp, and Kimpa sells her body to obtain a piece of the American dream. Isis meets handsome Denairo Ganteeny, who was posing as an F.B.I. agent. After she witnesses Denairo commit murder she realizes the truth—Denairo isn't F.B.I. but a hit man and she is now his prisoner.

Show Stoppah is the courageous story of women who survive and escape the harshness of two powerful men. Bound together by heartache, physical abuse, and betrayal, Kimpa and Isis design an elaborate plot for revenge. Armed with automatic weapons, they storm the parking lot of a radio station in the early morning hours, taking over the airwaves to tell their stories of abuse, hoping to inspire and unite battered women across the nation. And even though the police have sealed off the building and large crowds have gathered outside the station, these two women will only surrender once they share their stories. In Show Stoppah, readers will see what happens when two women are pushed to the limits of frustration, and exactly what they're prepared to do to earn respect.
Lovin' Blue

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Lovin' Blue by Zuri Day - Apr 5th

In her sexiest tale yet, Zuri Day delivers a tempting double-dare that breaks every rule...

Thanks to a stroke of bad luck, Eden Anderson's childhood tormentor, Jansen McKnight, is now her temporary roommate. He's also a badass, gun-toting cop who relishes a steak dinner. As a peace-loving vegetarian, there's nothing Eden hates more than guns--and meat. And there's nothing she'd love more than to deflate Jansen's overblown ego. So when Jansen bets Eden that he can seduce her within two weeks, she can't wait for him to lose. But as Eden learns more about the man beyond the badge, their teasing turns tantalizing. Soon, Eden starts to believe that opposites may indeed attract, and she can't stop thinking about the man in blue.
How to Get Out of Your Own Way

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How to Get Out of Your Own Way by Tyrese Gisbson - Apr. 7th
Actor, singer, songwriter Tyrese Gibson crafts a memoir filled with every emotion and life experience one could possibly imagine. With personal experiences paired with reflective questions based on his extremely popular blog piece, "The Love Circle", Tyrese hopes to inspire readers to pursue their dreams and not let life's obstacles stand in the way.

HOW TO GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY is organized into a series of fundamental questions that helped Tyrese redefine who he was as a human being, and evolve into a new man. Tyrese stresses that life becomes infinitely richer when one takes the time to know him or herself and understand the true meaning of peace and fulfillment. This book is a guide to helping yourself, using his experiences as a learning tool. "It's not about talking down to people, it's about elevating them," Tyrese says.

Some of Tyrese's chapter-based questions include: How much do you love yourself? How much do you want for yourself? Why do men cheat? What is your bottom line? Are you ready for the next level?   
Secrets & Lie's
Secrets and Lies by Nichelle Walker - Apr. 12th

Upcoming releases from author Nichelle Walker.
The I.O.U.

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The I.O.U. by Elle - Apr. 12th
The first tantalizing book in a brand-new series, about the friendship of three dynamic women, each dealing with life, love, and sex as they enter their forties and fifties.

Lena Paskin and Jason Armstrong have a great relationship—living apart and focusing on their careers works for them. Lena has had the time to devote to building her high-profile reputation as a businesswoman and heir apparent of her father’s company, the Paskin Broadcasting Corporation, while Jason works hard on growing his fledging sports management agency in Chicago.

Everything is going well until their sex tape is leaked and their private lives become public. Lena loses her chance to move up in the company, and Jason becomes skittish about their relationship and his reputation. Jason demands a break from their relationship; incensed by his position, Lena breaks off their engagement.

Lena is hurt and angry. Fodder for the tabloids, out of a job, a man, and a regular sex life, she takes a vacation. In the arms of strangers, Lena learns to trust herself and returns home ready to rebuild her life on her own terms.

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Hurricane by Jewell Parker Rhodes - Apr. 12th

In the stunning conclusion to award-winning author Jewell Parker Rhodes’s mystery trilogy begun in Voodoo Dreams and Yellow Moon, Dr. Marie Lavant, descendent of Voodoo queen Marie Laveau, must confront a murderous evil in New Orleans.

Dr. Marie Levant, great-great granddaughter of Marie Laveau, has achieved fame and notoriety for saving New Orleans from the wrath of a vampire. Now she’s taking a break from the city, heading up the highway to DeLaire. She doesn’t know this backwater town, but an elderly woman called Nana has been expecting Marie to arrive and save her and others in this God-forsaken place from sickness and death.

Yet all of Marie’s powers can’t bring life back to the corpses she finds in a house by the road. Nor can she force those who know how they died to say so or to confess. Were the crimes committed by shape-shifters, vampires, and ghosts—or by living men and women? And even as Marie searches for answers, a hurricane threatens to break the levees of Louisiana and cause unimaginable destruction.

Jewell Parker Rhodes blends magic and man-made evil and weaves New Orleans’ past and present into a spine-tingling mystery that is masterfully crafted and deeply haunting.

Also available on
Midnight and the Meaning of Love by Sistah Souljah - Apr. 12th
Midnight and the Meaning of Love opens where Midnight left off: the main character has gone to Japan to rescue his wife and all hell breaks loose when he finds her. The warmhearted, conscientious, brave, and handsome teen grips us as he thinks and fights and maneuvers his way into manhood—without excuses. He moves across the globe as effortlessly as he moves across his Brooklyn block, leaving tracks in every reader’s heart. Prepare to fall in love with Midnight all over again in this unforgettable new novel.

Trapped Inside A Woman's Body by Toney Rowe - Apr. 19th

In 1963, I was born a female. In the late seventies, I found myself attracted to females. In the late eighties, I changed my name to be more masculine.

It became a really dangerous journey, trying to hide the real me. Once rumors began to circulate that I was really a female, and someone threatened to kill me, I had to realize that it was time to find my true self.

Trapped Inside a Female's Body is not fiction. This is the true story of my life.
Married 2 A Balla

Married 2 A Balla by Jackie D. - Apr. 19th
Despite the beautiful home, expensive cars and huge bank account, Skye s marriage to pro football player, Sandino Washington is seriously flawed. After years of being a victim of domestic violence, Skye is caught between their extravagant lifestyle and his controlling behavior, but knows she has to get out. In a desperate attempt, Skye flees the abusive marriage with her three children in tow, and vows never to go back. She even begins a new life with a new identity, but lives in fear, knowing that Sandino won t rest until he finds them. Brace yourself as a shattered woman is determined to rebuild her life and protect her family at all cost, even if it means death. Besides, who wouldn t fight against their most treacherous enemy; even if it is your own husband?
Imagine Us (Kimani Romance)
Imagine Us by Maureen Smith - Apr. 19th

Neveah Symon has achieved success beyond anything the Houston native could have imagined. And when Xavier Mayne taps the world-famous artist to design a mural for his family-owned community centre, her fame comes full-circle. Except for the fact that Neveah shares a stormy history with the former bad boy. But the up-from-the-street brother has never been able to stay away from this ambitious Texan beauty. And now that she's back home, there's no way he will let her get away again...
Temptation's Kiss (Kimani Romance)

Temptation's Kiss by Janice Sims - Apr. 19th

Patrice Sutton has just landed the role of her career. Snagging the female lead opposite the devastatingly handsome, six-foot-three movie idol T.K. McKenna is a dream come true. T.K. knows that with her incredible beauty, talent and sweet sincerity, Patrice has what it takes to make it really big. And the burgeoning film star is showing T.K. a passion more real than anything he's ever experienced on or off-screen. But what wil it take to prove to her that she's the onyl woman he'll ever desire - and love?
To Desire a Wilde (Kimani Romance)

To Desire A Wilde by Kimberly Kaye Terry - Apr. 19th

Shilah Wilde has called the Wyoming Wilde ranch home since he was a child. So when its future is threatened, the Native American rancher is the first to defend the sprawling Western spread he shares with his two brothers - even if it means going head-to-head against veterinarian Ellie Crandall. The shy girls he once knew has since matured into a stunning, sensual beauty. And it will be his pleasure to rein her in!
Harvest Moon (Arabesque)

Harvest Moon by Rochelle Alers - Apr. 19th
Actress Regina Cole achieved overnight success in Hollywood, but stunning the world when she gave up her career to marry a much older man. After his death, Regina encounters his estranged son, Dr Aaron Spencer, a Brazil-based microbiologist and is unable to deny the instant attraction. Driven to seduce his father's widow, Aaron finds that the revenge he sought pales in comparison to his desire to Regina and the passion he feels is far more than he imagined.   
Secret Attraction (Kimani Romance)
Secret Attraction by Donna Hill - Apr. 19th

The heiress to a political dynasty, Desiree Lawson is more intereted in tossing her hat in the ring that playing the field. But when her matchmaking twin fixes her up with Spence Hampton, the serious-minded senator's daughter has a change of heart. Forced to love and admire Desiree from afar, Spence finally has his chance to be with the stunning Louisiana sister. With everything finally going their way, can he convince the reticent beauty that his playboy days are over?

Also available on
Justify My Thug by Wahida Clark - Apr. 26th
Justify My Thug continues the scintillating drama of Wahida Clark’s bestselling Thug series. Following the action of Thug Lovin’, the story rejoins the saga’s favorite couple, Tasha and Trae, as they try to overcome their troubles and make their marriage work. Meanwhile, Jaz is facing drama of her own. In the torrid world of sex, drugs, and crime, Wahida Clark continues her definitive Hip-Hop soap opera that fans have come to love.
Trying to Stay Saved

Trying To Stay Saved by E.N. Joy - Apr. 26th
Lorain is back from her sabbatical, and although God didn't reveal to her all that she wanted Him to regarding her past, she refuses to just let things be. When all the pieces of the puzzle begin to come together, just how many lives will be damaged, and how many will be restored?

The survivor of one of the most horrific experiences a person could ever endure, it appeared as though Sister Nita, as leader of New Day's Janitorial Ministry, was hiding behind a mop and a broom. When her spirit discerns a cover up amongst a couple at New Day Temple of Faith, will she turn a blind eye and mind her own business, or will she finally begin to operate in her true calling?

Mother Doreen knows who she is and whose she is; a child of the King on assignment doing kingdom work. When the plot thickens to a story she thought God had closed the book on, will she forget who she is and what she was called to do?

The New Day Divas series, known as the soap opera in print, is full of chance, coincidence and fate. But more importantly, it's full of faith.
The Break-Up Diaries
The Break-Up Dairies by Ni-Ni Simone & Kelli London - Apr. 26th 

The only thing more intense than teen love is a break-up with the uncertainty of a make-up. This exciting new series serves up two tales of love that will shake-up your assumptions of relationships. So buckle up, it’s time to get real, learn to deal, and move on with this first volume of The Break-Up Diaries.

Hot Boyz by Ni-Ni Simone
  Chance Kennedy always gets what she wants, even if she has to bend the truth to do it. She’s set her sights on extremely fine and college-bound Ahmad King, and she will do anything to become his girl. There’s only one problem: she didn’t count on love entering the picture. Now she’s scrabbling to make things right before the tiny white lie she’s told to lock down her guy blows up in everyone’s face. Now, the girl with everything may lose it all…

The Boy Trap by Kelli London
Pretty, popular, and with mad potential, Gabrielle Newton is, hands down, the girl to know. But Gabrielle only has time for Tyler Scott, Lakeview High’s hottest new athlete. He’s the golden ticket to her dream: becoming an NBA star’s pampered wife. But when Gabrielle plays Tyler one time too many, suddenly more than their relationship is on the line.

Suspicions by Sasha Campbell - Apr. 26th
Three women are about to learn more than they ever wanted to know about secrets—and the men who keep them.

As the owner of Situations, the hottest beauty salon on the south side of Chicago, Noelle Gordon has a direct line to the private lives of her clients. But when an abandoned baby girl appears on her doorstep, Noelle finds herself at the center of a personal drama. Could the baby be her husband’s? Or maybe her grown son’s? Both men deny it—but Noelle is sure one of them is lying…

Meanwhile, Noelle’s employees are discovering that their own romantic relationships harbor a secret or two. The truth isn’t always pretty. But can they find the strength to live with it—and with the men they love?
Corrupt City 2

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Corrupt City 2 by Tra Verdejo - Apr. 26th
Who do you think pulled off the blazing assassination? Did Lucky ever get caught? Where did Diamond disappear too? Whatever happened to the Coleman's case? How about Captain Tuna and Detective Speedy? Remember Sergio, what about Blood? Find out which characters were set up and why others were killed. Corrupt City 2 is a must read sequel to a best seller. In this sequel, corruption does not descript what the law enforcement and public figures represent. In this suspense filled novel, New York City's government is nothing less than corrupt. With trickery in each chapter, this book will have you cheering for the bad guys, while wondering who can be trusted, who is behind the foul events that unfold, and where the corruption will end. You won't be able to put this book down until you unveil all the clues. With its realistic the storyline; reading this book is like watching a movie because you won't want to get up from your seat until you finish it.
Three Chords and the Truth
Three Chords and the Truth by Cas Sigers - Apr. 26th
After a few tiring years on the road, nationally-known singer Henna James takes a sabbatical and visits her dear friend, Monica. During her search for rejuvenation and inspiration for her next CD, she meets Craig, Monica's flighty, womanising younger brother. Though at first they refuse to admit it, sparks fly between these two very different people. Henna falls harder than she cares to admit. Craig, too, is having feelings he's never experienced before; but Craig hasn't been completely honest. Now, each of them must make some tough decisions.
Choices by Skyy Banks - Apr. 26th
Set on the campus of Freedom University, a historically black college in Memphis, Tennessee, the lives and choices of four women are intertwined. Sexy and smart, Lena Jamerson has her whole life planned out for her. The daughter of two of Freedom s most prominent alums, it is a given that she will fulfill her Chi Theta Legacy as well as become engaged to NBA-bound Brandon Redding, or is it? With wealth, prestige and a beautiful body she could choose anything ... even someone new. Denise the reserved women's basketball champion has no time for dating. Her only choices are grades, game and becoming the first in her family to graduate, until a sexy stranger enters her life, causing her to reconsider her options. Playa of another flava, Cooley sparks curiosity of her own with women on both sides of the orientation fence. Will the choices of her past prevent the romance of her future? Meanwhile, Carmen's choices have given her a new exterior and a new lease on life. Can her sexy new shape get her into Chi Theta and a new romance? Or will the same internalized insecurities keep her from finding the love she deserves? In the school of life and love, what choices would you make?
Inseparable (Arabesque)
Inseparable by Brenda Jackson - Apr. 26th
Living under Reese Madaris' roof makes LaKenna James the envy of every woman in town. But Reese's offer of a placed to stay is strictly platonic. He has no idea that his best friend has been attracted to him since college and Kenna plans to keep it that way. But when he turns to his temporary roomate for dating advice, he suddenly begins to see her for the beautiful, voluptous woman she is...
On Bended Knee
On Bended Knees by Brittney Holmes - Apr. 26th
Upcoming novel by author Brittney Holmes 
Quita's DayScare Center (The Cartel Publications Presents)
Quita's Dayscare Center by Gina West - Apr. 30th
Quita never pretended to run a professional center. So when her license gets revoked after a spiteful parent complains to the Office of Child Care Services, after her bad son Lil Goose is kicked out of the center, Quita feels relieved. Now she can offer cheap prices and beat the legal competition in her neighborhood. Out from up under the rules that O.C.C enforces, she crams twenty kids in a center built for six. Her motto is, Pay the vig or watch your own kid.

Although the center s conditions are unsavory, she brags about phat pockets and fly gear. But what happens when Cordon, the son of Flex, a well-known drug dealer, goes missing? She has to answer to him and her life as well as the lives of her staff members is threatened.

Quita’s DayScare Center introduces you to the worst parents in the world and their offspring. You’ve never read a book like this before we guarantee it! You’ll think twice before you drop off your kids again. At least we hope so!


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