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March 2011 Releases

Below are the releases from March 2011. Click the book cover to jump to for more info.

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Hot releases for March 2011 include titles from L. A. Banks, ReShonda Tate Billingsley, Brenda Jackson, Adrianne Byrd, Pat Simmons, Kimberly Kaye Terry, Cairo, and much much more!
Some Like Them Rich

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Some Like Them Rich by Shirley Hailstock - Mar. 1st

Can She Listen To Her Heart. . .
Disillusioned by love and dreading her thirtieth birthday, Amberlina Nash is determined to snag a rich man by spending the summer mingling with the country club set on Martha's Vineyard. But when Amber meets charismatic hotel manager Don Randall, she struggles to maintain her polished alter ego--and fights the possibility that what she wants and what she needs might be two different things. . .

When Love Isn't Part Of The Plan?
Serial playboy Sheldon St. Romaine has spent the past year running one of his father's hotels to prove he has a knack for the business. To guests, he is the modest and accommodating Don Randall, whom Amber finds irresistible. But she's certain he lacks the bank account she's really after. While both are harboring secrets, neither can deny the passion that ignites between them.
He Was My Man First

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He Was My Man First by Nancey Flowers & Courtney Parker - Mar. 1st

Valentine Daye is a product of the streets. Raised in the projects, she lost her father and her mother young. By fifteen, she was living the life with drug lord Colombo. But when Colombo and his crew are murdered, Richard Washington, one of Colombo’s many street runners, swoops in and wastes no time making Valentine his queen.

Nine years later, Valentine and Rich are a happy couple who have weathered some “minor” problems. Valentine is well aware that Rich steps out on her. But doesn’t every man? He always finds his way home. Or at least he did before Vanessa Knight.

Vanessa Knight is a woman who has everything . . . except Richard Washington. An heiress to a multimillion-dollar company, Vanessa is willing to forgive Rich’s flawed background. However, she wants him for herself, and tells him that he must decide what’s important to him—a flourishing career at clothier Jorge Jacobs, where she can make him a VP, or a life with his street past, Valentine?.

When Daye meets Knight, each woman plots and schemes to steal Rich’s heart. Rich must make a decision. Does he gamble and start a new life with the beautiful and cunning Vanessa, or does he stay with his around-the-way girl Valentine, who has been with him through thick and thin?
Steady (Indigo)

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Steady by Ruthie Robinson - Mar. 1st

Katrina Jones is Hampton Heights' reigning gardening queen, leading the city to three consecutive gardening competition championships. As she prepares for the next upcoming competition, she finds out that her spot has been given to Will Nakane, the new eco-friendly kid on the block. Swayed by his home's sustainable construction and adjacent Japanese-inspired backyard garden, the committee taps Will for what they hope is another victory, with Katrina's assistance, putting her in an even more awkward spot since she had tried her womanly charms on him with little success at a recent New Years Eve party.

Swallowing her pride and recognizing that she doesn't hold the required qualifications to be a filly in his stable of beauties, Katrina agrees to help Will. Like the flowers she so dearly loves, Katrina begins to blossom before Will's eyes, exposing a kind of beauty he had yet to find in a female companion. As Will's interest and desire in her increases, Katrina fights the same urges, worried that a relationship between them could never work out.

Will's persistence pays off, and they eventually bring their friendship to the next level, but their love is threatened by Katrina's insecurity, created by a childhood filled with abandonment, loneliness and a feeling of unworthiness. Through compassion, determination and love, Will proves to Katrina that their love can steady any storm. 

Twisted by Ni'cola - March 1st
"I have to do what’s best for me"...has been Dionni’s new motto since that horrible night when she found her finance Dale entangled between the legs of her best friend Eva. Enraged and torn; Dionni goes on a hiatus trying to get as far away from Las Vegas as possible to clear her mind and get her heart back in order.

Her much needed vacation was interrupted once Dionni was informed that Tiana, her other best friend was found raped and beaten and now in a coma and was in need of constant care. Being the only family that Tiana has; Dionni has to return home to face her past while trying to put the shattered pieces of her life back together.

Twisted, the highly anticipated sequel to Over and Over Again will explain if the demons of Dionni’s past will allow her to be free; or will they continue to keep her twisted.
Way Too Real
Way Too Real by George Sherman Hudson - March 1st
The 5 year sentence Real is currently serving in GCSP, a close security down South Georgia Prison is nothing compared to the “death penalty” he plans to inflict on his former protégé turned snitch, Cash. After watching the Fed’s confiscate everything he and his fiancée’ owned, Real is determined to kill Cash at whatever cost. While doing his 5 year bid Real entrusts his business to his partner B-low. In addition to trusting B-low to handle his business, Real ask B-low to keep his fiancée’ Constance safe from the Italians that are seeking revenge for the violent deaths of two heads of their family. The money that B-low is receiving from Real’s operation is sweet but it’s not the money that B-low cares about. B-low wants Constance for himself and he’s willing to win her over by any means necessary. As the situation at home with B-low gets dirtier and dirtier, Real discovers that two of the most treacherous gangs inside the GSCP have been offered a million dollars for his life. In order to stay alive Real must forge a new alliance. Together with his new wing man, Tino, he creates a team of assassins who are down for whatever. Every second inside the GSCP becomes a fight for survival. The sh** is about to get Way To Real!
When the Thrill Is Gone (Leonid Mcgill)

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When The Thrill Is Gone by Walter Mosley - March 8th
The economy has hit the private-investigator business hard, even for the detective designated as "a more than worthy successor to Philip Marlowe" (The Boston Globe) and "the perfect heir to Easy Rawlins" (Toronto Globe and Mail). Lately, Leonid McGill is getting job offers only from the criminals he's worked so hard to leave behind. Meanwhile, his life grows ever more complicated: his favorite stepson, Twill, drops out of school for mysteriously lucrative pursuits; his best friend, Gordo, is diagnosed with cancer and is living on Leonid's couch; his wife takes a new lover, infuriating the old one and endangering the McGill family; and Leonid's girlfriend, Aura, is back but intent on some serious conversations...

So how can he say no to the beautiful young woman who walks into his office with a stack of cash? She's an artist, she tells him, who's escaped from poverty via marriage to a rich collector who keeps her on a stipend. But she says she fears for her life, and needs Leonid's help. Though Leonid knows better than to believe every word, this isn't a job he can afford to turn away, even as he senses that-if his family's misadventures don't kill him first-sorting out the woman's crooked tale will bring him straight to death's door.
One Night Stand
One Night Stand by Kendall Banks - March 9th

Have you ever been played? Most will say, yes, and just take the defeat on the chin, but not Zariah Hartfield. Life had already dealt her a bad hand landing her in a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate who thought she was a nut-case, and who desperately tried to get away from Zariah and both her odd behavior and controlling ways. As luck would have it Zariah hooked up with Hardy, a sexy, suave piece of eye candy who laughed her out of her panties the first night then tried to tell her to forget it ever happened the next day. Unfortunately, Hardy wasn t aware of her past and that the woman he d slept with wasn t the forgiving type. Before long, his wife is in danger and Hardy's secrets are exposed . Zariah wants revenge and decides she deserves everything she's always been missing; money,power, and respect. With Zariah s over the top personality and tricks up her sleeve this book is a cross between the modern day fatal attraction and single black female. Beware!
A Killer'z Ambition (DC Bookdiva Publications)
A Killer'z Ambition by Nathan Welch - Mar. 11th

After ten years of imprisonment, convicted killer, Carmelo Glover was vindicated on an appeal and released back into the street of Washington, DC. Now Carmelo wants revenge for all on lock and doing time because of a snitch. Seriously dedicated to his cause Carmelo blitzes through a violent war of snakes, and snitches, punishing them for sweet moments of revenge, and........A Killer z Ambition. As the body count rises, Carmelo get ensnared in a deadly cat and mouse game with a rogue detective who was recruited to bring the killer to justice either dead or alive. As the noose closes around him, can Carmelo summon the skills to prevent his own demise?
Green Eyed Bandit
Green Eyed Bandit by Unique - Mar. 14th

Felicia Cox was an only child to a mother addicted to crack and she suffered years of sexual abuse by her uncle while living in a household where all the aunts, uncles and cousins resided underneath the same roof. Everyone pretty much had to fend for him or herself, so life was a struggle all around the board. Over the years, there was no one around to help save her from her environment so her heart hardens with each passing day. She vowed to never trust another man. And when she got her first taste of blood by causing her uncle's demise, Felicia started on a mission to kill every man who crossed her path. She wanted them to pay for all the years her uncle hurt her. But what's really sad is that deep down inside, she wants to find someone who will sincerely love her, but her heart won't her.
Push Comes to Shove

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Push Comes To Shove by Oasis - Mar. 15th

A fast-paced tale of greed—Push Comes to Shove examines the pitfalls and struggles that an honest family faces to survive the perils of financial woes.

The bills are due again for Greg “GP” Patterson, but this time, they won’t get paid. He and his wife are facing robbery charges when a simple assault they committed goes bad. After a few days in jail, the Pattersons lose everything they own and risk losing their children forever.

Luckily Aunty Jewels bails the Pattersons out, but GP must make some serious moves if he is to provide decent shelter for his family again. A visit to Squeeze, a villainous loan shark, leads to killer interest rates and a murderous default penalty. Nevertheless, GP accepts the terms.

When GP gives Jewels the loan money to flip in a high-stakes credit card scheme, she gets robbed for every single dime. Now GP has to figure out how to pay his debt and gain the respect of his family again, but in the meantime, Jewels has already figured out how to make everybody pay.

An entertaining, multicultural drama, Push Comes to Shove is a cautionary tale for today’s economically fraught times.
Another Man's Treasure by Tina Martin - Mar. 15th

Tiphani and Reggie’s close, platonic friendship is enough to make people believe that a man and woman can be friends and nothing more. But when Tiphani has a dream about Reggie the night before their college graduation, she can no longer lie to herself. She has deep feelings for her best friend – her best friend who sort of knows that Tiphani has a crush on him, her best friend who plays on those emotions to manipulate her, her best friend who has a girlfriend.

Jealous of Tiphani’s new relationship with Derrick Brooks, Reggie abruptly ends his relationship with his girlfriend with sole intent of stealing Tiphani away from Derrick. He comes up with every reason why Derrick is not right for her. In his eyes, no one is good enough for her – only him. Still, Tiphani presses forward with her new man, keeping Reggie on the backburner, but still has strong feelings for him. What’s a girl to do when she loves two men?

Another Man’s Treasure is an emotionally-charged novel about not appreciating the one you have until you see them in the arms of someone else.

Five Star Chick by Tamia Rose - Mar. 15th
Upcoming release from Black Dawn Books, owned by Author K'wan.
A Good Man Is Hard To Find by ReShonda Tate Billingsley - Mar. 22nd

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Essence bestselling author ReShonda Tate Billingsley takes a departure from her trademark inspirational fiction in this steamy romance set in exotic Indonesia. When journalist Karla Cole is sent to cover the exclusive, high-profile wedding of pop diva India Lowe, she soon finds herself enjoying the first-class service, the star treatment and India's sexy manager. But her assigment suddenly takes an unexpected turn when she uncovers a bombshell: India's fiance, Fredericko, is a notorious con man, blackmailing India for a share of her fortune.
Deep Throat Diva

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Deep Throat Diva by Cairo - Mar. 22nd

With brains, beauty and a four-carat diamond engagement ring, Pasha Willow seems to have the perfect life. She's the successful owner of a trendy hair salon, lives in a posh house with her handsome, soon-to-be husband, drives an expensive car and indulges in relentless shopping sprees. But behind the high-end fashion, captivating smile and mesmerizing eyes lies a woman with a deep, dark secret.
At First Kiss (Kimani Romance)

At First Kiss by Gwyneth Bolton - Mar. 22nd

When celebrity jetsetter Troy Singleton meets up-and-coming TV journalist Jasmine Stuart, it is lust at first sight. Major players on the singles' scene, the last thing on either of their minds is playing for keeps, until they are forced into a temporary marriage of convenience. But as the passion between them heats up, Troy makes a new vow, promising to win the heart of the woman he's already vowed to love 'forever'...and this time it's for real.
Getting Played (Kimani Tru)
Getting Played by Celeste O. Norfleet - Mar. 22nd

If there's one thing Kenisha Lewis has learned, it's the the people you think you know best often surprise you the most - and not always in a good way. First, her dad is having money troubles, which means that she's probably have to stay in state school and get a part-time job. And then there's her boyfriend, Terrence, who she would never have thought would be dumb enough to get involved in a robbery - or cheat on her, for that matter. Wherever Kenisha goes, the drama follows, but she's getting stronger and smarter every day.
Beneath the Covers (Kimani Romance)

Beneath The Covers by Dara Girard - Mar. 22nd

Bestselling author Claudia Madison is single and loving it. And now her book on sex and romance without the ring is being made into a television show! But then she meets her co-host, Peter Warren, gorgeous bachelor and leading authority on how to stay happily single - and, coincidentally, the man she almost married. The minute he sees Claudia again, Peter is ready for their next heady round of passion - but this time he's dreaming of walking her down the aisle. Will he be able to convince Claudia that this time he's for real?
Here I Am (Arabesque)
Here I Am by Rochelle Alers - Mar. 22nd

Born into a real-estate dynasty, Brandt Wainwright chose American football over the family business and now he's a Super Bowl quarterback. But one day, his streak of good fortune runs out and he crashes his car into a tree. During the long recuperation process, the fun-loving brandt becomes cranky and sullen - until private nurse Ciara Dennison begins to cheer him up. Ciara has no interest in sports, or in tall jocks with overblown egos. But somehow, Brandt just keeps breaking down her defenses, seeing through her facade to the sexy free spirit beneath.
Intimate Betrayal (Arabesque)

Intimate Betrayal by Donna Hill - Mar. 22nd

Reese Delaware is an investigative reporter with a burning desire to seek the truth. But one story eludes her - her own. 15 years earlier, she survived a tragic accident that robbed her of her family and left her with missing memories of her life. Now, determined to succeed despite the past, she accepts an assignment to profile Maxwell Knight, a millionaire computer wizard fleeing a shadowy past of his own. But it's not until they have gone beyond professional boundaries that maxwell and Reese begin to unocover the hsattering secret that links their lives.
My Only Desire (Kimani Romance)

My Only Desire by Adrianne Byrd - Mar. 22nd

Kappa Psi Kappa brother Taariq Bryson loves the single life. Whe his frat brother sets him up on a date with his sister-in-law Anna Jacobs, the two prove to be a stormy combination. Until, that is they are stranded together and share a night of explosive passion. Anna's track record with men is a disaster and the blind date with sexy, arrogant Taariq tops the list. So when they're isolated in a remote cabin, Anna prepares herself for the worst. But unexpectedly, the sparks fly! Can their passionate affair ignite a real love match?
Shady: A Novel

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Shady by Dell Banks - March 22nd

A world that is ruled by greed, betrayal and secrets! Giselle Whitfield's life has always been full of surprises. It all started with Ms. Greta Mitchell; her jealous-hearted mother, who abandoned her at a young age only to barge back into her life to create hell on earth. To cope with the drama of her past, Giselle does what's expected of her; scheming, lying and keeping secrets. Now, as a grown woman holding her own, will Giselle be able to extinguish the hellish flames of her conniving past and deceitful ways? Will the red carpet treatment from her Prince Charming, be the beacon of light to escape the darkness of her past? Join Dell Banks in his highly anticipated debut novel SHADY as he introduces some of the shadiest people to ever hit the streets of Detroit. Experience it all as it untangles toward a state of undoubted destiny...or fate.  
To Love a Wilde (Kimani Romance)

To Love A Wilde by Kimberly Kaye Terry - Mar. 22nd
After winning the coveted Top Young Chef award, Yasmine Taylor can finally realise her lifelong dream of opening her own restaurant. But first she has to return home to help her aunt recover from surgery. Having grown up on the Wyoming Wilde rance, Yasmine has never forgotten her roots - or Holt Wilde, her gorgeous teenage crush, now grown into a sinfully sexy bad boy who has left a trail of broken hearts behind him. But can Holt convince Yasmine that his rowdy days are now over?

Also available on
Sixty-Nine by Pynk - Mar. 25th

It's New Year's Eve 2008, and best friends Magnolia Butler, Rebe Richardson, and Darla Clark, all born in 1969, are about to turn the dreaded 4-0 in January 2009. Magnolia, a New Year's Day baby, is childless, and always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Rebe, the mother of a college-aged daughter named Trinity, has just gone through a divorce from a man whose sexual appetite far exceeded her desires and abilities. Darla is also a New Year's Day baby, still mourning her husband's death after five years. After way too many glasses of champagne, Rebe, challenges them to open their minds in a way they'd never done before, daring them to try something new...sexually. SIXTY-NINE is a liberating story about sisterhood and friendship, and about how past experiences and beliefs can influence one's views about life and sex.
Crowning Glory
Crowning Glory by Pat Simmons - Mar. 29th

Cinderella had a prince; Karyn Wallace has a King.

While Karyn served four years in prison for an unthinkable crime, she embraced salvation through Crowns for Christ outreach ministry. After her release, Karyn stays strong and confident, despite the stigma society places on ex-offenders. Since Christ strengthens the underdog, Karyn refuses to sway away from the scripture, "He who the Son has set free is free indeed."

Levi Tolliver, for the most part, is a practicing Christian. One contradiction is he doesn't believe in turning the other cheek. He's steadfast there is a price to pay for every sin committed, especially after the untimely death of his wife during a robbery. Then Karyn enters Levi's life. He is enthralled not only with her beauty, but her sweet spirit until he learns about her incarceration. If Levi can accept that Christ paid Karyn's debt in full, then a treasure awaits him.

Award-winning author Pat Simmons delivers another powerful tale and reminds readers of the permanency of redemption.
When the Fairytale Ends

When The Fairytale Ends by Dwan Abrams - Mar. 29th

Young, successful, and thriving, Shania and Greg have the type of relationship that most people only dream about. Greg enjoys working as a youth pastor at his church and making a difference in the lives of troubled teens.

After receiving some unexpected news, Greg's manhood takes a devastating blow. Realizing that her man is headed for depression, Shania suggests they takean exotic vacation. During their vacation, they seem to be closer than ever...until a mysterious strangertakes a sudden interest inShania. While touring a tropical rainforest, Shania goes missing, leaving Greg frantically searching for his wife. During his journey to find her, will he lose his faith?
Thug In Me
Thug In Me by Karen Williams - Mar. 29th
Raised in a single parent household in the Springdale Projects, Chance found a way out. He has graduated from college, landed a job, purchased a home, and has a beautiful girlfriend named Toi. And he did it all the legal way. Chance is nothing like his homeboy, Calhoun, a drug-selling deadbeat who won't get his life together, not even for his two kids.

Chance's life changes in an instant when he is falsely accused of murder and sent to prison. He loses everything--his job, his home, his girlfriend, his mother, and almost his mind. A victim of a cover-up and a corrupt prison system, Chance is subjected to attacks by prison guards and inmates, sexual abuse, and too many run-ins with death to count.

The only good thing in Chance's world is his pen pal, Deyja, who is dealing with her own painful past. He looks forward to her mail, and finds himself falling in love. When he is released from prison after seven years, he finds Deyja, but he does not reveal his true identity, for fear that she will want no part of an ex-convict. Unaware that he is her former pen pal, Deyja is falling for this thug whose touch and lovemaking she just can't get enough of.

When old friends Toi and Calhoun come back into the picture, explosive secrets are revealed, threatening to tear apart everything. Will Chance and Deyja move forward together, or will the past destroy them?
Playing All the Odds

Playing All The Odds by Rena A. Finney - Mar. 29th
Fantasy Delight Whitman knows that everything about her life has been predestined and for her, it's all about the chase and using what she has to get what she wants. When she stumbles upon the only man who has broken her heart, Fantasy realises time has not healed; love still remains, along with a big dose of hatred. What starts out as a desire to get even, ends up costing her more than she bargained for.

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Crush by Lutishia Lovely, Michele Grant, and Cydney Rax - Mar. 29th
Some people flirt, others admire from afar, but one thing's for sure--there's nothing hotter than a crush that tempts you to take a chance.

White Mocha Michele Grant
Jayla has always played it safe, personally and professionally. Finding the perfect cup of coffee is about the most exciting thing in her life. But one look at free-spirited café owner Jason, and she's suddenly inspired to venture out of her comfort zone. . .

Wanted: You Lutishia Lovely
Chaz Covington is the guy every man wants to be and every woman wants to have. So when a series of anonymous erotic letters begin arriving at his office, he is only mildly surprised. His prudish assistant, Lois, is shocked. But before it's all over, she won't be the only one. . .

From One Lover to Another Cydney Rax
Lorraine Eafford is done with bad boys. She's ready for someone nice and reliable--someone just like her new co-worker, Wendell. But her ex won't take no for an answer, and Lorraine is about to show him just how bad this good girl can be.
Girls From da Hood 6
Girls From The Hood 6 by Ashley and JaQuavis and Amaleka McCall - Mar. 29th
Urban Books' popular Girls From da Hood series continues its gritty street drama in the sixth installment, featuring Urban Books superstars Ashley & JaQuavis. Ashley Antoinette's The Red Bottom Bandits follows Sonny Regan and her girls as they rob dope spots to fund their Louboutin lifestyles. In JaQuavis Coleman's Beauty and the Streets, a young hustler falls for the boss's girl, and Amaleka McCall's The Takedown is tale of two Brooklyn girls who get into major trouble together stealing and scamming their way round the city.

Also available on
Durty South Grind by L. E. Newell - Mar. 29th
From the sandbox to the grave. That’s the motto of the three partners for life: Johnny Ivey, Johnny Dobbs, and Larry Stith. Together, in the mean red light district of Atlanta, they are also known as the three amigos. One for all and all for one.

Newly released from jail, Larry “Sparkle” Stith wants to lead a life free of crime and violence. But his dream of reform is cut short when he is reintroduced into the street life by his former friends. Revengeful adversaries are on a mission to take over his friends’ prostitution, drugs, and gambling turfs, drawing him back into the life he was trying to escape.

Sparkle’s lover, Beverly Johnson, is now the city’s police chief. She battles her own personal demons in search of a life of peace while secretly protecting her friends and her political career. With the backdrop of Atlanta, there’s a labyrinth of trickery that the friends must travel in order to keep their territory, their sanity, and even their lives.

Also available on
Surrender To Dark by L.A. Banks - Mar. 29th
National bestselling author L.A. Banks's electrifying new paranormal series is set in a sizzling world where Dark and Light are trapped in an eternal struggle for the fate of mankind.

Celeste Jackson has fought all her life against a fog of hallucination and substance abuse, but it's not until she meets her protector, Azrael, an angel who has left the safety of the Light, that she learns of the evil forces that have been trying to ruin her, and why. A fierce battle for control of the mortal realm is brewing, and only Celeste—with the help of the Remnant, her half-human, half-angel brethren—can stand in the way. Together, Celeste and Azrael must gather an army of sensitives to defeat the dark powers that have ruled humanity for centuries, but time is running out. If Azrael surrenders to his growing desire for Celeste, he risks being trapped among humanity forever. But the longer he stays, the harder she is to resist. To save the world, Celeste must draw on her own dark experiences with addiction to help Azrael overcome the one temptation that could possibly make him an eternal prisoner—his obsession with her.
My Blue Suede Shoes: Four Novellas

Also available on
My Blue Suede Shoes by Tracy Price Thompson and TaRessa Stovall - Mar. 29th
My Blue Suede Shoes is a collection of four novellas by four leading African-American women writers that examines the terrorism of domestic violence.

In Desiree Cooper's Breakin' It Down, a highly successful talk show host, haunted by the abandonment and self-loathing she felt as a child, is shocked to find herself inflicting the same abuse she experienced on her seven-year-old daughter. Tracy Price-Thompson's Brotherly Love goes deep into the disturbing relationship between a beautiful, accomplished teenage girl and the seemingly dutiful brother who raised her after their parents' death. TaRessa Stovall's Breakin' Dishes reveals the turmoil behind the scenes of a picture-perfect marriage as an angry wife beats her cheating husband. And in Elizabeth Atkins's The Wrong Side of Mr. Right, an outwardly beaming bride-to-be comes to terms with the inner turmoil brought on by her emotionally abusive fiancÉ. In all four novellas, redemption and hope appear when a pair of blue suede shoes enters each woman's life, helping her to overcome her challenges and stop the cycle of abuse.
Unexpected Interruptions
Unexpected Interruptions by Trice Hickman - Mar. 29th
What happens when a young woman falls for two men--one black, one white, both determined in their pursuit for her affections?....Unexpected Interruptions follows the journey of Victoria Small, a smart, savvy sister who's fresh off a year-long, self-imposed hiatus--from men! Now that she's ready to start dating again, she gets more than she bargained for when Ted Thornton and Parker Brightwood enter her life. Ted, a powerful blue-eyed CEO, is drawn to Victoria, igniting a friendship that both delights and shocks her out of her comfort zone. Then she meets Parker, a talented surgeon who showers her with tenderness, helping to mend her once-broken heart. In her struggle to rationalize her growing feelings for the white man who loves her, and forge ahead in her relationship with the ebony prince who fulfills her, she resurrects a painful secret she thought she'd buried long ago, and finds herself doing things she never thought she'd do. Along the way she's joined by a colorful cast of friends and foes as she tests the boundaries of love, race, class and where she fits in.

Also available on
One Season (In Pinstripes) by William Frederick Cooper - Mar. 29th
The true story of how a broken man found his way to redemption, via the New York Yankees.

William Fredrick Cooper has experienced loss of employment, character assaults, and the painful truth that he must reinvent his life. Humbling himself before God and allowing the painful process of emotional and spiritual growth, an amazing journey begins. Taking a job as a maintenance attendant at the new Yankee Stadium, his dreams start to come true. Connecting with colleagues, celebrities, and players while rekindling a childhood love of sports, Cooper gets a fresh start, moving on from pain and loss.

In One Season in Pinstripes, Cooper offers life perspectives from a spiritual standpoint, the inside knowledge of a sports historian, the passion of a believer in faith, and the satisfaction of a fan who can realize the ultimate dream.
Mama Don't Like Ugly by Rekaya Gibson - Mar. 30th
Mama Don't Like Ugly takes readers on a journey inside Dana Calhoun's life growing up in Nautica, Louisiana – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Her Mama, a young, light-skinned pharmacist, holds the title as her number one hater, all because she dislikes her dark skin. Regardless of her unconditional love for her Mama, she encounters a cycle of torment.

When Mama bathes Dana, she tries to scald her with hot water, Mama neglects her to the point where she is malnourished, and she tosses her around like a doll. Mama relaxes her hair two days in row out of shame, watches a pedophile grab her, and steals money from her just to prove a point. Once Dana challenges her, she finds Mama's hands wrapped around her neck and finds herself praying that she does not die.

These snapshots of Dana's life give insight into the abuse and neglect that she endures growing up. Still, she longs for her Mama’s acceptance before she goes off to college. Will Mama finally realize that Dana is a beautiful person in spite of her dark skin or will she spew those hateful words, "Mama Don’t Like Ugly!"
Reversed (The Cartel Publications Presents)
Reversed by Gina West - Mar. 31st
Kiante wants a paid hustler for her man, friends, and a pretty face. Instead she's used for her body, has one friend and is considered unattractive. It doesn't help that her best friend Marissa's sister Lucia, has all of the things she wants and more. Marissa's boyfriend is paid, fine and adores her. She's the leader of a crew call the Strawberry Cuties who on command, would do anything she asks, including kill. And, has a body and face that's fitting of a video model. Kiante looks up to Lucia obsessively but she doesn't notice. Wanting to fit in, Kiante devises a plan she believes will work and it includes creating a fake boyfriend who loves her although no one ever meets him. But when Lucia finds out, in the presence of many, she plays an evil prank on her. Suddenly the life Kiante wants becomes clear. The only problem is, the life she wants is not her own. Reversed is the scandalous story of what happens when you wish for another's life so much that you move the universe to steal it. But as far as Lucia's concerned, it won't be without a deadly fight.
Shyt List 4: Children of the Wronged (The Cartel Publications Presents)
Shyt List 4 by Reign - Mar. 31st
The fourth installment in the Shyt List series, brought to you by The Cartel Publications.
Hoodfellas III
Hoodfellas III by Richard Jeanty - Mar. 31st
Hoodfellas III - Deon and his crew are forced to return back to the States because of unfortunate situations in Haiti. However, lurking around in Deon s mind are those killers who took out his boys, Short Dawg and No Neck. He won t rest until the heads of the killers are delivered to him. This personal vendetta will have to be settled before Deon can have peace of mind, but will he allow a personal vendetta to become his downfall?


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