Sunday, October 30, 2022

New Release : After The Tryst : Tryst II : Angelia Vernon Menchan

Three weeks after getting married in a small, intimate setting at their new home Edward and Fatima Delore were home from their honeymoon in Iceland. Edward stared at his wife and the relaxed joy on her face. He discovered over the past seven months how hard she worked and how much she gave of herself to her students, employees and community. He was working alongside her until he was done with the center he was building with Malcolm Black in Fernandina, next to Fatima’s school. It was prepping minority students to work in the hotel and hospitality industry. There were certificates in hotel management, chef courses and other related careers. He was still working remotely for Stillettos, his and his parents resort in St. Lucia. He felt in love, loved and alive.

“Why are you staring at me?” Fatima asked. She lifted her hand to touch his hair. He allowed it to grow once he was no longer the face for his parents business and Fatima couldn’t keep her hands out of it.

“You’re my wife…my wife and you’re beautiful and look chill.”

“I am chill, I’ve never been more chill. I love us.” Sharp pleasure shot through him. He leaned over and kissed her lips softly. She loves us!

“I love us. I often think of if I had been on vacation that week as planned—or you hadn’t come.” He said and Fatima shuddered next to him.

“It is the stuff of nightmares but here we are, us. Ready for our future.” She said snuggling closer and closing her eyes, they were in hour two of an eleven hour flight. 

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