Sunday, October 30, 2022

New Release : One Still Ain't Enough : Mo Flames


It all started with a forbidden love. Now everything has become so much more complicated...

When Desiree gets caught between her lovers, Troy and Derrik, she makes the decision in haste and leaves them standing in the middle of her living room. In the midst of her deception being exposed, Desiree finds out she is pregnant. Unsure which of the friends is the father, she was desperate to put some space between herself and her problems; to clear her mind of betrayals and the men who put her in this predicament.

On the same day, she runs into her old flame, Aaron. Undoubtedly, the attraction between them is not dead, but she knows she can’t go through with it. She can’t sleep with Aaron as long as she is carrying another man’s baby, no matter how much his body beacons hers. Still, Aaron is not willing to go away quietly and might be more trouble than she bargains for.

Desiree knows her heart belongs to Derrik, but with so many secrets and lies swirling around her, can she ever hope to build a future with him?

How can Desiree escape her past when it keeps returning to haunt her?

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New Release : Momma Did Raise A Fool : Bridgett Renay


Diane Freeman has a long history of deceit and usually at the expense of her estranged daughters. When she announced to the world, she only had six months to live, both daughters had to contemplate a life-changing question. Was Diane trying to make her first effort at bonding with them using the only tactic she knew, or was this just another attempt at wreaking havoc amongst the Freeman sisters?

Before the announcement, sisters Taylor and Tory were tight like the skin on an aging socialite’s face. They always stood strong together in defense of their manipulative mother. After the announcement, the compassionate Taylor decides to stand by her mother’s side to help her gracefully transition into the afterlife. An unforgiving Tory immediately started planning the funeral.

Now that they’re constantly bumping heads, which sister will live to regret her decision? And has Diane masterminded the greatest betrayal of all?

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New Release : A Family Affair : Iris Bolling


With the quiet ones, expect the UNEXPECTED...

Sexy high-school teacher Matthew Lassiter has found the woman of his dreams. She loves and understands his desire for the simple life of mentoring teens. The larger-than-life siblings who surround him excel in just about everything they do. While that is financially beneficial for them, his choice to teach is not as profitable. When the opportunity for a different career is put on the table, planning a life with Leah has Matt questioning his decision.

Leah Saxton is beautiful, loving, a computer engineer, and one hell of a cook. Meeting Matthew Lassiter was the best thing to ever happen to her. The attraction was immediate, the lovemaking off the freakin’ chart and fine…. the word does not describe the man who has stolen her heart. Hell, the man even encourages her to start her own business at a difficult time in her life. Now, the two are on their way to marital bliss.

The problem, you ask? Simply put, her father… period. He is an egotistical, chauvinistic, and ungrateful, to put it nicely. Her father is a man filled with anger from both a failed marriage and business. To his way of thinking, no one deserves to be happy. He is hell-bent on ruining her wedding, her life, and any future she may have with Matt.

Will Matt and Leah make it to the alter without ending up with an attempted murder charge???? Only the attendees will know for sure as they witness the antics of A Family Affair.

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New Release : Wicked Nights: A Hallow Weeny Story : Aja


Phoenix always had one wish for her birthday, and it was to have one night to show Reign she was more than his best friend's little sister. She had made this wish for many years, and each one went ungranted. But this year's birthday wish might just come true and be deliciously wicked.

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New Release : Evidence Uncovered : Jacquelin Thomas


A string of unsolved murders…

An FBI agent out for justice…

With young New Orleans women turning up dead, FBI agent Lanier Barrow is sure that the Crescent City Strangler is back. But proving it to distrustful lead detective Daniel Jordan means she must hide her tragic connection to the case. And with their uneasy partnership already troubled, even more dangerous secrets will put their lives on the line…

New Release : Cinderella Masquerade: LaQuette

Is the woman behind the mask the one this rancher’s been waiting for? Find out in LaQuette’s installment of the Texas Cattleman's Club: Ranchers and Rivals series.

One dance. One kiss.

One unexpected twist.

After a stunning makeover, Dr. Zanai James barely recognizes herself. The reserved, no-nonsense therapist even dared to kiss rancher Jayden Lattimore in the middle of the dance floor. Though a mask had hidden her identity, Jayden tracks down his mysterious Cinderella, claiming he can’t forget her. But Zanai isn’t sure about the motives of a dashing man like Jayden, who’s never looked twice at her before. With their meddling families causing all kinds of trouble, will Zanai finally go after what she really wants?

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.

You’ll be swept away by this bold, sizzling romance, part of the Texas Cattleman's Club: Ranchers and Rivals series:

Book 1: 
Staking a Claim by Janice Maynard
Book 2: 
Boyfriend Lessons by Sophia Singh Sasson
Book 3: 
On Opposite Sides by Cat Schield
Book 4: 
Rivalry at Play by Nadine Gonzalez
Book 5: 
Vacation Crush by Yahrah St. John
Book 6: 
An Ex to Remember by Jessica Lemmon
Book 7: 
Cinderella Masquerade by LaQuette
Book 8: 
One Christmas Night by Jules Bennett
Book 9: 
Rancher After Midnight by Karen Booth

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New Release : What Happens After Hours: Kianna Alexander


Money, power and music create an unforgettable workplace romance in Kianna Alexander’s new 404 Sound novel.

He’s not impressed by her fame.

She’s not impressed by his money.

These opposites are about to ignite!

From the moment R & B star Cambria Harding walks into Miles Woodson’s Atlanta recording studio, he knows there’ll be trouble. She’s as fiery as he is reserved, and she gets under his skin like no woman ever has. The impassioned artist forces Miles out of his comfort zone, saying this 
spark is just a pleasurable distraction. But the heat of their “limited engagement” makes them wonder if opposites can do more than just attract…

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.

You’ll be swept away by this bold, sizzling romance, part of the 404 Sound series:

Book 1: 
After Hours Redemption
Book 2: 
After Hours Attraction
Book 3: 
After Hours Temptation
Book 4: 
What Happens After Hours
Book 5: 
After Hours Agenda

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New Release : The Outlaw's Claim: Brenda Jackson


These friends with benefits are about to become parents…and all bets are off! A Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws story from New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson.

From friends to lovers to…

having a baby?

Maverick Outlaw is a man who knows his own mind—and he knew from the beginning that a fling with longtime friend Sapphire Bordella would be more than just sizzling, mind-blowing sex. That is, until Phire says they should go back to being just friends—and then announces that she’s pregnant with Maverick’s child 
and her father expects her to marry someone else! Maverick may not be ready to give his heart, but nothing will stop him from claiming what’s his…

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.

You’ll be swept away by this bold, sizzling romance, part of the Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws series:

Book 1: 
The Wife He Needs
Book 2: 
The Marriage He Demands
Book 3: 
What He Wants for Christmas
Book 4: 
What Happens on Vacation...
Book 5: 
The Outlaw's Claim

New Release : Anywhere You Run: A Novel : Wanda M. Morris


It’s the summer of 1964 and three innocent men are brutally murdered for trying to help Black Mississippians secure the right to vote. Against this backdrop, twenty-one year old Violet Richards finds herself in more trouble than she’s ever been in her life. Suffering a brutal attack of her own, she kills the man responsible. But with the color of Violet’s skin, there is no way she can escape Jim Crow justice in Jackson, Mississippi. Before anyone can find the body or finger her as the killer, she decides to run. With the help of her white beau, Violet escapes. But desperation and fear leads her to hide out in the small rural town of Chillicothe, Georgia, unaware that danger may be closer than she thinks.

Back in Jackson, Marigold, Violet’s older sister, has dreams of attending law school. Working for the Mississippi Summer Project, she has been trying to use her smarts to further the cause of the Black vote. But Marigold is in a different kind of trouble: she’s pregnant and unmarried. After news of the murder brings the police to her door, Marigold sees no choice but to flee Jackson too. She heads North seeking the promise of a better life and no more segregation. But has she made a terrible choice that threatens her life and that of her unborn child? 

Two sisters on the run—one from the law, the other from social shame. What they don’t realize is that there’s a man hot on their trail. This man has his own brand of dark secrets and a disturbing motive for finding the sisters that is unknown to everyone but him . . .

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New Release : Behind Her Lives (Pseudo) : Briana Cole


“That’s not my sister.” Overwhelmed by shock and relief, those are the only words Deven can muster when she is called to identify the body of a suicide victim. A body she was informed was her sister, Kennedy. But as she stares at the lifeless stranger, she’s filled with questions: Who is this woman? Why was Deven listed as family? And most important, where is Kennedy? Her intuition tells her just one thing: this can’t be a total coincidence.
Desperate to put the pieces together, Deven launches her own investigation. Soon, she finds herself tangled in a web of secrets and lies so twisted that it blurs the lines between fact and fiction.  And between the sister she thought she knew and the one who seems to have many hidden, dangerous lives. But only Kennedy would have the answers to increasingly urgent questions. Just one possibility is clear: Kennedy isn’t missing. Maybe she just doesn’t want to be found. And maybe you can never truly know another person. Even your own sister.

New Release : After The Tryst : Tryst II : Angelia Vernon Menchan

Three weeks after getting married in a small, intimate setting at their new home Edward and Fatima Delore were home from their honeymoon in Iceland. Edward stared at his wife and the relaxed joy on her face. He discovered over the past seven months how hard she worked and how much she gave of herself to her students, employees and community. He was working alongside her until he was done with the center he was building with Malcolm Black in Fernandina, next to Fatima’s school. It was prepping minority students to work in the hotel and hospitality industry. There were certificates in hotel management, chef courses and other related careers. He was still working remotely for Stillettos, his and his parents resort in St. Lucia. He felt in love, loved and alive.

“Why are you staring at me?” Fatima asked. She lifted her hand to touch his hair. He allowed it to grow once he was no longer the face for his parents business and Fatima couldn’t keep her hands out of it.

“You’re my wife…my wife and you’re beautiful and look chill.”

“I am chill, I’ve never been more chill. I love us.” Sharp pleasure shot through him. He leaned over and kissed her lips softly. She loves us!

“I love us. I often think of if I had been on vacation that week as planned—or you hadn’t come.” He said and Fatima shuddered next to him.

“It is the stuff of nightmares but here we are, us. Ready for our future.” She said snuggling closer and closing her eyes, they were in hour two of an eleven hour flight. 

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New Release : Jackal: A Novel : Erin E. Adams

It’s watching.

Liz Rocher is coming home . . . reluctantly. As a Black woman, Liz doesn’t exactly have fond memories of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, a predominantly white town. But her best friend is getting married, so she braces herself for a weekend of awkward, passive-aggressive reunions. Liz has grown, though; she can handle whatever awaits her. But on the day of the wedding, somewhere between dancing and dessert, the couple’s daughter, Caroline, disappears—and the only thing left behind is a piece of white fabric covered in blood.

It’s taking.

As a frantic search begins, with the police combing the trees for Caroline, Liz is the only one who notices a pattern: A summer night. A missing girl. A party in the woods. She’s seen this before. Keisha Woodson, the only other Black girl in Liz’s high school, walked into the woods with a mysterious man and was later found with her chest cavity ripped open and her heart removed. Liz shudders at the thought that it could have been her, and now, with Caroline missing, it can’t be a coincidence. As Liz starts to dig through the town’s history, she uncovers a horrifying secret about the place she once called home. Children have been going missing in these woods for years. All of them Black. All of them girls.

It’s your turn.

With the evil in the forest creeping closer, Liz knows what she must do: find Caroline, or be entirely consumed by the darkness.

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New Release : The Reunion : Natasha D. Frazier


Dragged through the mud by entertainment media outlets.
Determined to rise above her past.

Crystal Langston's plan was perfect: go to her 20th college class reunion to prove her divorce from her abusive ex-husband, NFL player, Dante Green, didn't break her. Her life was thriving outside of his shadow. Though it's been over a year since their divorce, Dante makes a huge announcement during their reunion mixer. His latest stunt results in his murder.

And Crystal is the number one suspect!

Marcel Singleton recently launched his political campaign for Houston's District Attorney. Now that his childhood friend is no longer tied to Dante, he attends their class reunion with one goal in mind: to finally tell Crystal how he feels about her. What he didn't expect was that he'd be representing her in a murder case against her ex-husband.

Crystal's life is going up in flames -- fast!

Will Marcel's feelings for Crystal cloud his judgment? How will his involvement with a murder suspect affect his campaign?

And if Crystal is innocent, will the real murderer come for her next?

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Thursday, October 27, 2022

New Release : Standalone: A Dickie Cornish Mystery : Christopher Chambers


Dickie Cornish, Washington, DC street denizen turned unlicensed private investigator, is forced at gunpoint to track down the daughter of an ex-con, setting up a chain of events that unleashes a war within the corrupt police force, exposes shocking conduct in child services, and unearths a secret that threatens to tear the nation’s capital apart.  The second book in the Dickie Cornish mystery series, STANDALONE is a must-read for fans of S. A. Cosby, George Pelecanos, and Joe Ide.

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New Release : Angels Meet in the Devil's Triangle: An Angels Respite Series : EJ Brock

  MICHAEL was called to be The General of YHWH’s Army. SERAPHIEL was formed to be The Prince of El Elyon’s Angelic Order. They had a fierce ...