Saturday, November 19, 2022

New Release : Arm Candy 2 : TC Littles


No longer able to accept the toxic love Samira ingested from King for years, she's focusing on HER for a change, healing and finding new ways to be happy. Will she be able to let go and be swept away by a new love interest? Or will she be sucked back into the crazy love triangle of her ex, Rayna, and of course back-stabbing Jamila?!

Trying to rebuild his brand and career from Samira snatching the financial rug from underneath him, will King get caught back up in the studio - groupie lovin'? Or will he he be able to man up and take care of his son?

As lives move on & fast in this sequel; karma latches on hard as love turns cold, bitter, and brutal. Loyalty is a heavy burden to carry.

The messiness continues NOW! Download this self-published part 2 of ARM CANDY!

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