Saturday, November 19, 2022

New Release : Reparations: Style + Soul : James R Sanders


Reparations: Style + Soul is Black Fashion's Big Payback. It's a unique coffee table book because it uses fashion to tell stories about culture, race, relationships, spirituality, and the history of us-all unapologetically. Written by Fashion Activist James R. Sanders, the project features over 90 stunning high fashion images all shot by Black photographers with Black models styled by a team of Black hair and makeup artists. Through personal essays, the author writes about Black history, finance, discrimination, health, friendships, and romance as if no one is in the room. This book isn't here to make "INSERT THEM HERE" feel comfortable. It is a visual home and receipt for the ancestors who were taken, and, got things taken from them.

James R. Sanders a New York City based fashion activist. His mission is empowerment through knowledge of self by any means necessary. He is a stylist specializing in soulful moments on the red carpet and in print. James's work has appeared in Ebony, Blavity, Vogue, Glamour, GQ, and HuffPost. In 2020, he founded the social justice publication BALDWIN, and manages a staff of writers who cover culture, sports, and entertainment. He is also a News Editor at Complex Magazine. James is the author of The Modè Book: How to Break into Fashion Journalism and Knowledge of Self: A Guided Journal. James holds a BA in Journalism and an MA in English.

Get your copy of Reparations: Style + Soul today!

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