Saturday, November 5, 2022

New Release : Dangerously in Love (Love Doses Book 1) : Tina Martin & Stephanie Nicole Norris


When love and danger collide…

Wasn’t Supposed To Love Her by USA Today bestselling author Tina Martin

Ex-soldier Royce Pembroke has a new assignment on the anti-human trafficking task force – to monitor Makeena Ellison who’s just been trafficked in an undercover operation. She’s young, vulnerable and naïve. Royce’s team is bent on bringing the traffickers to justice, but he’s constantly distracted by this beautiful young woman who’s desperate for love. Can he focus on his assignment without catching feelings?

Mistaken Identity by USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Nicole Norris

Identical looks were their only commonality.

For Tiana, life is one challenge after another, but her greatest struggle is sharing a face with the sister she despises. Briana seems to have it all when her charmed life is ripped apart, and memory loss leaves her uncertain of who she is. With the help of a handsome stranger, Briana's new life and love blossom, but Tiana won't rest until Briana has no life at all.

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