Saturday, November 5, 2022

New Release : We Run New York : Sa'id Salaam


We Run New York is the epic tale of an epic come up. Young Buddha and best friend Rip are small time weed peddlers from the Bronx with small time goals. They were content just to keep fresh sneakers on their feet and a few bucks in their pockets.
Being in the right place at the wrong time sets off a chain of events that will change their lives. In fact they would one day change the entire city. A good deed gets rewarded and a new connect puts them on with a new product that changes their aspirations.
Their combination of brains and brawn could take them a long way with their new hustle. They now set their sights on running New York city but will have to conquer their own borough first. That's easier said than done since no one intends to hand him the keys to the city.
Not to mention the other boroughs they have to contend with. Each with kingpins vying for the same crown. The result is a ghetto game of thrones and there can be only one king. Add in a forbidden love affair that can change Buddha's life or end it. Along with all the drama and danger of drug dealing in New York and We Run New York will take you on a wild ride.

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